Model Building


It's not as easy as it sounds, can your team do it? 

Divide girls into teams of three. Give each team two boxes of identical building materials. This could be anything such as Legos, blocks, even toothpicks and marshmallows or a combination of all of these.

Set teams up at tables as far away from each other as possible. Ask each team to work together to build a structure from the supplies in one of the boxes and place it back into the box so the other teams cannot see it.

When all structures are complete and in boxes, have teams switch boxes. Give each of the team members positions as “explainer,” “messenger” and “builder.” Only the explainer can see the structure. She must describe the structure to the messenger, who in turn relays to the builder instructions on how to build it. The builder must create an exact replica with only the instructions relayed through the messenger.