Our Mission:

Million Girl Army inspires girls and women to become confident and compassionate people who connect with and support one another.


Join MGA's Monthly Mob

We make our curriculum FREE to all middle school girls to reach as many as we can. To do so, we count on financial support from people who share or commitment to investing in the next generation of girls. If you want to increase the opportunities and global compassion of this generation of young girls, join MGA's Monthly Mob. MGA's 20 Tribe is a group of donors who commit to giving $20/month to cover the cost of the creation of distribution of MGA's curriculum to girls across the country. 



This Month at MGA

We're diving in to all the things you have in common with girls worldwide. One topic at a time. We are learning about their lives, what's different, what's the same. And we are talking about how the topics affect our lives here in the United States too. Everything from your sense of self worth to where you live...we've got it covered.

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