WE Really Are All About YOU

Your days are filled with new experiences. This is a special time. These are the years you become a teenager. The years you attend your first dance, maybe go on your first date. School is changing, can you even remember what it felt like to only have one teacher? You have more homework. Sports and activities are more competitive. Your interactions with your peers are more complicated. You feel wiser but adults still don’t always value what you have to say. 


But what if RIGHT NOW instead of worrying about what to wear to school tomorrow you had to worry about whether or not you would get to eat today?

What if instead of worrying about how to get all your homework done, you worried about whether your family could afford to send you to school at all?

What if instead of worrying about when your parents will let you have an Instagram account, you worried about whether they would sell you into a life of slavery to feed your siblings?


You don’t have to worry about these things. But most girls your age in developing countries do. Their lives look much different than yours. They need your help.

YOU are the answer. YOU can speak for the voiceless. YOU can join Million Girl Army and change the world.