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Million Girl Army transforms middle school girls into globally compassionate teens who combine their resources to change the world. By joining MGA, you’re uniting with other middle school girls around the world. By becoming a member of MGA, you gain access to:


Troop IconMonthly topic - Learn about local and global issues facing girls and women. 

Troop IconLocal Troops - Gather with your friends to work through the monthly topic.

Troop IconSocially Connect - Follow us on social media to learn more, stay inspired, and connect with others who share this passion.

Troop IconBecome Globally Aware - Learn what's going on around the world to see how it affects your life and how you can help.

Troop IconMake a difference - Learn how to start your own fundraising campaigns and how to use YOUR resources to make a difference.

Troop IconShare - You have a voice. Tell us how MGA is changing you.


Your voice matters. Join us today. 

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