Movement:a group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas.

If you have been around Million Girl Army for any length of time you will have heard the word movement. MGA is truly more a movement than we are an organization. Since our nationwide launch in July of 2016 this has become a truth and reality. As Director of Operations for MGA, I get a front row seat to all our milestones. I love seeing us morph from an organization into a movement of globally compassionate people ready to implement change in our local communities and around the world.

MGA’s mission statement is this: Million Girl Army transforms middle school girls into globally compassionate teens who use their resources to change the world. Watching young girls change before our eyes into the next generation of world changers further fuels our movement!

I see girls being enlightened, educated, empowered and moved to do more. I see them embracing empathy, exhibiting courage and overcoming fears to be young leaders using their voices. We recently had a group of MGA Girls turn their homecoming float into a vehicle for  MGA awareness in their community. Their spirit and dedication is the movement in action! They turned what would normally be a teenage rite of passage focused on themselves into an opportunity for awareness, invitation and global perspective. First they were changed through their interaction with MGA and now they are changing everything around them.


The MGA movement is growing and growing fast. Just last month girls from 7 different states signed up to be a part of MGA. I believe the movement is contagious, I believe being globally compassionate is also contagious. There is something magnetic about people who truly care for a cause and are willing to change their lives to implement it. We are passionate about our mission and vision and believe that we truly can accomplish our goal of gathering one million girls to use their voices for the voiceless!

I am excited to see our movement continue to grow in 2017. I can only imagine the things we will be reflecting on this time next year. The great thing about the movement of MGA is that there are so many ways people can get involved. We have a need for more middle school girls and for people to help recruit them. We need people on the ground for local events and troop leadership. We need people to interact with MGA online and through social media to help spread the message. We need people to financially support MGA at a variety of levels to keep MGA moving and growing. We truly all can become a part of the movement.

We invite you to become a part of the movement of Million Girl Army today. Together we can be the change!