What is Million Girl Army?


Million Girl Army inspires young girls to become confident and compassionate women who connect with and support one another.

We teach them through monthly video curriculum and social media. We educate them about local and global issues, encourage them to use their voices, talents, and resources to help when they can. We partner and give to non-profit groups who are working in developing countries to help tackle the issues girls face there, to improve their lives and break the poverty cycle. We are committed to improving the world for the next generation of girls.

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How do you make girls more globally compassionate?


Our curriculum focuses on uniting girls around the world through things they have in common, while educating them on the differences between the day to day lives of the girls. Every girl wants the same things: to be loved, to be accepted, to feel safe, to have clean water and consistent food, to be able to dream dreams, to have access to education, etc. We use these common topics to shape the curriculum and then talk about the differences. What feels unsafe in the United States may be different than the safety challenges for a girl in Cambodia. Talking through those highlights how lucky the middle school girls are and prompts them to want to help. We also work on teaching them that they are the answer, not anyone else. That they have a valuable voice and power that they can use to help others, especially when they work together.

How can I support Million Girl Army's work?


Million Girl Army will use whatever money is donated to help girls locally and globally. There is a “Support the Army” page for all people interested in supporting MGA.

If you're a member, you can even create your own fundraising page? Maybe you want to ask your family and friends to donate money to MGA instead of buying you birthday presents this year. You can do that! Or maybe you hear a story that really touches you and you want to do more to help. Setting up your own personal fundraising page is easy and it helps girls like you around the world.

Do I want my daughter learning about topics like sex trafficking?


There are tough topics around the world. It's a harsh place to be a girl in many instances. It's natural for parents to want to protect their children and keep them sheltered. That said, across the board, the girls who are a part of MGA say they feel safer knowing what's happening and that it can even happen in the US. It makes them more aware so they can protect themselves. They are hearing things every day, we would rather they heard the truth in a safe forum where the message is shaped so they feel safe, aware, and protected from harm than to not know about the issue and that it could happen to them as well. Knowledge gives them a feeling of power which makes them safer. We have yet to run into a girl who regretted learning about what girls her age are going through, how they can keep it from happening to them, and how they can help.