Have you ever complained about what your parents cooked for dinner rather than being grateful? One of the greatest problems in the world is extreme hunger.

There simply aren’t enough resources in some areas to feed families in the best circumstances. Those who rely on farming can have all their food destroyed by a flood, or a draught, or a storm. Then suddenly they have nothing.

What if there simply was no food for you to eat for days at a time?

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Think About:

  • How would your life change if you were hungry all the time? Think of the last time you were REALLY hungry. How did you feel? Was it easy to concentrate on school work? Did you have energy to play or do chores?
  • Pay attention to how easy it is to get food when you are hungry. Where do you go? Where are all the places you can get food?
  • Do you or your family throw away food? What can you do to reduce the waste?
  • Are there hungry people in your community? Do you ever see anyone holding a sign that mentions hunger? Do you help?



Activity #1: Take the Hunger Quiz

Take the hunger quiz either as a group or on your own

Now journal about hunger based on what you now know. Add any ideas that come to mind about how you can help.

Activity #2: This Month's Challenges

Challenge: Are there hungry people in your community? Organize a small food drive or go through your pantry with a parent and see what you might be able to share with a local food bank.

Challenge: What can we do to help hungry people around the world? Consider starting a personal fundraising campaign on your profile to raise money for us to send to an organization that helps feed girls your age or helps them go to school. Because going to school helps girls get out of poverty and breaks the hunger cycle long term.


Activity #3: Tell us what you think

Send us a video or a note sharing your dream or telling us your answer(s) to one of the questions above. Use the button below to email your thoughts to us. We would love to hear from you! You have a voice with important things to say.



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