Founder of Million Girl Army

I founded and support Million Girl Army because I believe young girls are the answer to the world's problems. Young girls with resources working together to help young girls without resources changes the world over time.

Million Girl Army transforms middle school girls into globally compassionate teens who combine their resources to change the world. 

I believe in the next generation. I believe in girls. I believe that by combining our voices, our talents, and our financial resources together, we can change the world.

Sara Johnson


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    Masquerade Ball Event Tickets

    MGA_Mask.pngMasquerade Ball and Casino Night

    Bring your masks and try your luck on a variety of casino games.

    Food, prizes, fun, and more!

    February 25, 2017

    6:30-9:30 PM

    Location: Faultline North


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    Member Donate

    You're almost done! The yearly membership for MGA is $10/year. 100% of those funds are used to support girls across the world in partnership organizations.


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    Donate Now

    We are grateful for every single one of our donors. We could not do the work we do or produce the products we do without your help. All donation sizes are welcomed and tax deductible.

    Many, many thanks for your support.

    ~Sara and Jamie




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    Monthly Sustaining Donation

    We need your help.

    Million Girl Army is committed to sending 100% of the army's membership fees to our partner organizations around the world. It’s a lofty goal, one we are passionate about, but we can’t do it without financial support from others.

    Thank you in advance for your generous gift. Every bit helps.