Investing in Girls Not Only Changes Lives, It Saves Them

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Teen pregnancy facts from around the world


Each year, an estimated 16 million girls aged 15-19 give birth. Only 35% of unmarried girls and women in developing countries use a modern method of contraception -- so most teen pregnancies are unplanned.

Girls who become pregnant are forced to leave school and are prone to high health risks, such as HIV, obstetric fistula, and complications during pregnancy. The number one cause of death for girls this age worldwide is childbirth.

By staying in school, girls delay teen pregnancies, invest in their futures, and have healthier children when they are ready. If all young girls completed primary school, we could save 900,000 of their children each year. And if those girls got a secondary education, we could save three million lives.

Keeping girls in school not only invests in their future but also can save their lives.

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Photo credit: Flickr: sandeepachetan