Giving and Generosity

Imagine a world where everyone was generous. Why is it so hard to give to people in need when we already have so much? Why do we always want more?

Often the poor are the most generous. They take in orphaned children, give their few possessions to foreign visitors as a sign of honor, and share with those who have less in their villages. Why is it easier for them when they are giving all they have and we have so much excess?

Enjoy this story of generosity from Morocco that Claire experienced while teaching in the Atlas Mountains.

What can you do this month to give of yourself to others?



Think About:

  • Do you have a hard time being generous? Why do you think this is?
  • Is it easier to give your time than your money? Why?
  • Which one of Claire's suggestions can you do
  • Why do you think it's easier to give things away when you have less? Why do we want more and more and more? Why does it get harder to give the more we have?
  • Generosity isn't just about giving things or money, there are many things you can give that don't cost anything. What are some things you can think of?
  • Who could you be generous to today?
  • What would the world look like if those who had more shared more with those who have less?How would your Christmas wish list look if you lived in another country? Would it change what's on the list?



  • Set up a personal giving campaign this Christmas. Take one or two items off your Christmas wish list and ask family and friends to instead use the money the item would cost and donate to your giving campaign. You get MGA points, and the money goes to help someone who has less than you.


  • Give to a local charity through money, time or resources you may have. Volunteer as a family.


  • Come up with a fundraiser you and your troop can do to raise money and awareness for Million Girl Army. Share your ideas with MGA to be featured on our website and social media.  Send photos, stories, ideas, videos, projects and comments to [email protected]


  • Take MGA's Generosity Challenge. Click here to access a calendar of challenges for the month. See how many you can do. Spread generosity and joy this month. Post a video and let us know you did it!



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