Girls and Poverty


“Poverty and gender inequality go hand-in-hand; girls and women in the poorest countries suffer a double whammy, of being born both in a poor country and female. To see the extent of this disadvantage, ONE analysed the situation for girls and women in least developed countries (LCD’s) across key gender indicators. On every indicator, life is significantly harder for girls and women in LCD’s when compared with those living in other countries. While that may not be surprising – because men in poor countries are also disadvantaged – ONE also found that the gender gap between males and females is larger in the poorest countries.”**

These alarming statistics are exactly why Million Girl Army was created. The gender gap is far too wide for women and girls in developing countries, something we are teaching this generation of middle school girls so they can use their voices and resources to change things for girls everywhere!

They are the answer.

Will you help?

**ONE’s calculations are based on data from:

World Bank, World Development Indicators

World Bank, Global Financial Inclusion Database (Findex) UNESCO Institute for Statistics, Education Database International Labour Organisation, ILOSTAT