Common Ground

Group of girls

How much do you really have in common?

Form equal sized teams of 3-6 players. Give each team a sheet of paper and a pencil. Tell teams their challenge is to list everything they can think of that all team members have in common.

For example, attending the same school, prefer the same kind of music, have the same brand of tennis shoes. The only rule is they cannot list similar body parts, i.e. “We all have two arms, etc.”

Tell teams they have three minutes to create their lists, so they need to work quickly. When time is up, find out which team has the longest list and ask them to read the similarities they listed. Then ask teams whose similarities have not already been read aloud to read some of theirs.


How easy was it to discover something in common with another group member?

How can similarities draw us closer together?

How can our differences draw us closer together?