Collective Voices







“Individual voices are important. Our collective voice is even more powerful.”


Million Girl Army transforms middle school girls into globally compassionate teens who combine their resources to change the world. So what exactly does that mean?

Just joining the army allows middle school girls to be a part of something bigger than themselves and learn what life is like for girls their age around the world. But when a girl also joins a local MGA Troop, she has an opportunity to work alongside other girls in her local community.  With the help of local volunteer leaders and mentors, they meet monthly and learn to combine their talents, resources, and education to make a difference on social justice issues worldwide.

We at Million Girl Army believe that these girls are the answer to most of the world’s issues, and we give them a platform to use their voices to demand change.

If you’re a middle school girl, are you one of the million?

And if you’re not, you too can make an impact by financially supporting the army and all they hope to accomplish for disadvantaged girls around the world.

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